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need DVD

does anyone have the Never say goodbye dvd, and is willing to either sell it to me, or burn me a copy, i have paypal and am willing to pay.
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i have it...i'd definately burn it for you for about the cost of a blank dvd and shipping, let me figure out of i have a dvd burner.....
hey me too! only, i don't have paypal. but i can send you a blank dvd and some mula or a prepaid shipping thing. ????
me too, if you can. i dont' have pay pal either, btu i will send money through mail.
ok, well when you do, just e-mail me
i want this tooo soooo bad...tell me what you want for it and you got it... aim sin = probably pj
If all else fails I have an audio rip of the live set in MP3 form. It's only 192k (low for my tastes but I'm obsessive), but the sound is good enough.

I've been trying to track down the DVD as well, it's the only Impossibles official release that I don't own yet (test pressings and whatnot aside) but I'm certain that it'll appear on eBay eventually and it'll be mine.
could you somehow send it to me?
my copy was stolen, I would like one as well.